Please note, WE HAVE ONLY A FEW PLOTS in the estate(s) offered here that we will sell at this PROMO PRICE. Due to the high level of reservations,requests and payments we have gotten within hours of launching this deal, we advise you MAKE A RESERVATION  if you are genuinely interested or you CONTACT OUR CONSULTANT as soon as you can before DEC. 7.  The earlier you take advantage, the better.

We advise you read the ‘QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS’ section on this page before taking futher steps. Congratulations in advance!

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On the 7th December, for 7hrs (7am - 2pm), we will complete sales and allocation.

For those who are SMART with investment, if you buy now, let’s assume you decide to resale to someone by March at the regular price, it means you have made a 100% return on your investment. Eg. After Dec. 19, you can sell a BMC Estate plot you got for N4.2million (70% off) at N9.8million or more to a new buyer by March, 2020.

Questions or Concerns

Thanks for this question. It shows you have an interest and you want to seize this opportunity. Well, It’s simple but you have to be very PROACTIVE and SMART! Plots are limited for this offer, Infact one of the estates in this offer is almost completly reserved within 24hrs of advert release. We will only give out on FIRST TO PAY, FIRST TO BE ALLOCATED basis. Once you are sure of your decision, just fill in the RESERVATION FORM and we will reserve a plot for you once we verify your rediness and we are satisfied. You may also BOOK FOR INSPECTION so you can see for yourself before making your resevation. All depends on you!

On the 7th December, for 7hrs (7am- 2pm), we will begin sales and allocation. Any payment not completed before 2am is no longer eligible for this offer. However, to avoid unforseen circumstances, you may decide to MAKE PAYMENT of the said amount into our account and wait for DEC. 7 for your allocation. Indirectly, it means that any completed and confirmed payment before DEC.7 is equally considered a done deal. Going by this, we fear plots may be sold off before DEC. 7. We have no choice.

First of all, why this Black Friday Blast? We are celebrating satisfying over 1500+ subscribers over our five years of reputable operations. Incredible right? A pat on our back! The FACT is, we will without hesitation or special consideration return to normal prices immediately after 2pm, DEC. 7. Sorry! The goodnews is, incase there are plots left after the BLACK FRIDAY SALES, you can buy at our current PROMO SALES price which unfortunately also ends DEC. 19.

Yes! We will accept deposit or part payment but, you must complete payment on or before DEC.7 to enjoy the rates offered for the BLACK FRIDAY BLAST. That’s considerate enough right?

Yes you can buy and resell, however the management needs to be informed. Mind you, we are a Housing and Real Estate Investment Company. We will encourage and support anything that will benefit you.

Why not? Infact, we strongly advice you pay us a visit, see the place, ask questions, interact with us etc before the said date. This will help you make decisions better and equally prepare funds required to seize the unparalled opportuinity before you.

Our Estates are well landscaped with green recreational area to provide for green area, water treated plant pipe borne water, regular power with dedicated transformer supply by IPP, 24hours supply guaranteed, 24 hrs Access control, Recreational Areas (Swimming, Table/Tennis, Football Pitch), Hotel, School, Shopping Malls, Children Playing Ground.

Upon completion of the infrastructure in the estate buyers are expected to start developing immediately and you can keep for not more than 3 years before building. After the company must have made the place inhabitable. We have people livng and also building in most of our estates already.

If there is any reason you should come to BOING, it’s this! We’v gotten more patronage, trust and good reputation simply because we don’t joke with this aspect. The company had paid on behalf of the prospective buyers. However, the individual landlord will pay building and approval base on the design of the building to relevant agencies.

Yes, upon request, our technical departments are on ground to design, construct, supervise and deliver the best quality to prospective clients at an affordable rate within the shortest period.

And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be! Let's embark on this journey together.
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For over 5 years we have been providing housing and Real Estate investment solutions to Individuals, Groups and Corporate bodies, with over 1000 subscribers who have keyed into our fully-gated lifestyle master-planned estates in Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Abuja, we are poised to deliver living environments that guarantee comfort, security, and rest of mind. Get the Boing Advantage, Be Boing Sure!

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